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A Beginner's Guide To Picking The Right Uniform for your Rec League (Part 1)

How To Choose Team Uniforms

Playing on a recreational sports team is a great way to try something new or play more of a sport you love - not to mention make new friends and get some exercise. There's a lot of team unity in rec sports, so it's common for leagues of all sizes to get custom team uniforms.

Sometimes they're just t-shirts, other times players are outfitted head to toe in custom uniforms. Whether you're a casual league or professional team, selecting a team uniform is an important part of the setup of every team.

Choosing the right team uniform can be tough - there's a lot to consider. Sponsors, color psychology, team name, mascot - even the overall team vibe.

If you have a sponsor, selecting your team name and uniform design may basically be done for you. Depending on the league you play in, you may have some team fees to cover field or gym time, referees, equipment, uniforms, permits, etc. To help offset some of the cost, some teams recruit the help of sponsors - local businesses or individuals that financially support the team, and in turn, their company logos/colors are often used on uniforms.

Don't have a sponsor? No sweat! A lot of rec leagues are picking moisture-wicking performance t-shirts, or even just everyday cotton tees with black bottoms. They're timeless, cost-effective, and can withstand sweat, dirt and tough play.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Here are more great tips for choosing the right uniform:

  • 1. Determine your budget - If your team doesn't have a sponsor, each team member is usually responsible for paying for his or her uniform. Prices vary depending on the style, fabric and design, and of course whether you're just getting shirts or a complete uniform. Be sure to have a team meeting before you start and decide on a price point everyone is comfortable with.
  • 2. Select your uniform color - When selecting uniforms, there are certain color combinations that seem to get used a lot - red/black, blue/white, grey/black. You can absolutely select one of these traditional color combinations, but since you have full control over your uniform, you may decide to think outside the box! Choose something bright like neon green, safety orange or atomic blue. Looking to add extra flare? Try a tie dye or camo print! Using bright colors will ensure that your team stands out against other teams in the league, and you'll look even cooler going out after the game! You can browse our huge selection of uniform styles here, conveniently organized by sport.
  • 3. Select your uniform fabric - Will you be playing indoors or outdoors? During the colder or warmer seasons? These are important things to consider when picking the type of fabric your players will wear. The fabric you choose can even play a part in team performance. Luckily, lots of uniforms are made of dry performance fabric, which is great for both! The moisture wicking properties in the garment wicks away sweat to keep you warmer on those chillier nights, and cool and dry during the hot summer days.
  • 4. Gather sizes and money - Before you place a uniform order, you'll need your roster and everyone's sizes. If you're personalizing with names and numbers, make sure you have that information finalized. Some teams let players choose silly names or nicknames, and some use their last name. And of course, don't forget to collect everyone's money.
  • 5. Define your timeframe - Expect a few weeks to receive custom team uniforms. Ideally you should place an order that can accommodate a few weeks and then some - that'll account for needing to place additional orders or fix roster information.

PSST - If you decide to customize your uniforms through our site, take a team photo once they've arrived and submit it to our photo contest for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate toward your next order!

Stay Tuned for Part 2: A Beginners Guide To Designing Custom Uniforms For Your Rec League, where we will tell you how to use our Online Designer and our roster tool to design your uniforms in a snap!

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