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The New Team Uniform: Why Performance T-shirts Are Taking Over

The New Team Uniform: Why T-shirts Are Taking Over

If you take a walk down to your local baseball diamond or soccer field, you'll see a trend that's quickly emerging among club teams, intramural sports and rec leagues. More and more, teams are choosing athletic shirts over traditional jerseys.

So why is the t-shirt penetrating classic sports team uniforms? We have a few guesses.

It could be because physical activity is on the rise, but people are spending less money on it. According to the Physical Activity Council, physical activity rose in 2016, with 42% of the population ages 6+ participating at least once a week in high-calorie burning activities. Fitness sports and team sports had a 2% growth, but players were spending 8% less on these activities.

It could be the overall clothing trends - the athleisure trend is still going strong, and vintage styles continue to return, like throwback jerseys and the extremely popular raglan tee.

It could also be that as team activity & uniforms become more casual, clothing companies realized how important performance fabric is, and today it's more prevalent than ever before. At one time, teams might have gone with a basic cotton tee - and it's still a popular choice - but we say the performance t-shirt is the only way to go.

Performance fabrics have come a long way in the past decade or so. Gone are the days of itchy material and slippery polyester. Performance tees now have the same advantages as cotton tees and then some - they're as light, comfortable, and soft as cotton, and they have the ability to wick away sweat to keep you cool and dry.

Today there are so many performance options, there's no reason not to go with a performance tee for your team. They're comfortable, inexpensive, available in his & hers styles (great for coed teams), in a wide range of colors, have a larger design surface area, and allow for more printing styles including camo, glitter & vintage. Best of all, they're comfortable enough to wear long after you've hung up your player number.

(If you do want a cotton t-shirt, check out our selection at - you can't go wrong with a Gildan Adult Tee or a Hanes Beefy Tee.)

If your team decides to go the t-shirt route, there are a lot of options to choose from - here are just a few of our favorites:

Basic Performance Tee
These go by a few different names - performance, dry performance, and moisture-wicking. No matter what it's called, the performance tee is the best option for sports that really make you sweat. The materials used in these shirts are lightweight and designed to wick sweat away from your body, keeping your whole team dry no matter how hard you play. Take a look at the Torrent Tech Tee or the Competitor Tee.

Sublimated Tee
Sublimated tees are also performance tees - they're just way more colorful! Sublimation refers to the printing process, where ink is infused into the shirt in a way that produces a vibrant design but also keeps the fabrics moisture-wicking abilities. With sublimation, you can even customize the entire tee - seam to seam! Check out our selection of sublimated tees!

Jersey Tee (For the Fans!)
Don't want to go full-on t-shirt, but don't want to spend the money required to customize classic fan jerseys? The jersey tee is where it's at. These tees have a vintage style and are designed to look like jerseys, but with the properties of a t-shirt. For this option, check out the Get Rowdy Tee or the Game V Neck!

Ready to start shopping for a new team uniform? Check out our selection of athletic tees!